Thursday, 24 September 2020

Book Review: "Mind Riot" by Ken Bagnis

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

Like with everything I review, this book is starting with the full 5 stars and I'm hoping it'll finish with 'em too, but we shall see.

I'm really enjoying this book so far... I hope it continues!

I'm wondering which decade this book is set in?  Cassette tapes?  Duran Duran?  Seems very 80's to me!

Ah right, it's part of a girly thing, not set in the 80's... that's a relief then!  I hope the author has gained permission to use big names like "Duran Duran" and "Sony Walkman" and "The Smiths though, or he could get himself into serious hot water legally!

Chapter one was great and I love that it's in first person throughout... so different from most books I've read recently!

I'm just about to start reading chapter 7 and I'm still loving this book... it's a definite must-read for all the teens out there and even adults will appreciate it too - this adult certainly is!

I'm appreciating this author and his research even more now... I'm currently recovering from one of the illnesses described and in literally one sentence I feel a lot more understood and far less alone now than I have done in the last two decades.  Thank you so so much, Mr Bagnis!

I don't know where the last 12 hours have disappeared to, but every word of this book is pure genius and I so wish I'd discovered it sooner!  I'm gonna read one more chapter then head to bed for an early night ready for me to dive right back into this fantastic book tomorrow morning.

I'm almost half way through the book and I'm reluctantly heading off to bed for the night now, but I can't wait to dive right back in as soon as I wake up and come back downstairs tomorrow!

Mornin' all.

This is still a fantastic book, but there are big brand names used quite a bit, so I'm hoping the author has gained written permission to use them so that he doesn't get into expensive legal hot water with the owners of the brand names he's using!

I'm on the verge of tears with this chapter and it takes a powerful author to achieve that, especially at not even two-thirds of the way through a book.  I stand by what I said yesterday, I know this is written for teens, but adults will enjoy it too... I certainly am.

The very end of chapter 24 is exactly the sort of cringeworthy thing I would say too lol

I've just finished the book and I'm sat here with huge tears streaming out of my eyes, down my cheeks and onto my laptop.  It's rare that a book achieves that so that must tell you more than any of the rest of this review.  If I could, I would award it 6 stars out of 5, but I can't, so it's getting top marks from me from start to finish.  A must-read for everyone.

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