Monday, 8 May 2017

My linkedIn profile is now updated

Just spent the last hour or so updating my LinkedIn page with my new details and stuff... busy day today!  Gonna try and plan out my next novel tomorrow... I had so many ideas but now I've forgotten what they all were thanks to my brain damage  😕

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Hopefully everything will work now! lol

Just discovered that the mailing lists I'd set up on my writing site haven't been working and the application form didn't work either!


I've updated it now though... if you've tried to join but weren't able to, you should be able to now!  Hopefully!  lol

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The You Tube video I was on about in my previous blog post

I said Steve was watching a programme on the telly.

Apparently it was a You Tube video that he was playing on our telly.

I've just found the video I was on about and the writing different endings bit is around 12 minutes into it.  The previous 12 minutes are about his weight and worth a watch, but the inspirational bit is about 12 minutes 20 seconds in all the way until the end (a few seconds over a minute), but that sparked a creative spark in my imagination and it's why I needed your help.

Re-writing sad endings to be positive in kids books

Steve was watching a programme on the telly a little while ago, when the main person in the programme was talking about his weight.

That, in itself, didn't turn the lightbulb on for me, but my brain has been mulling it over ever since.

He said about changing the endings of books to be more positive instead of sad.  That's what I always try and write for kids below MG anyway and usually my MG and YA MS' have a positive ending too, but it really got my brain working!

I'm not after stealing the work of author's books that are already published... not only is it illegal but I'd give myself oneheckuva guilt trip about doing it!  I just want to read how authors handle their sad endings is all, sooo could you send me the Amazon UK links to books you've read for kids up to 17 years old that have sad endings.

If it makes me cry, so much the better!  lol

I will, of course, give each book a read and review both on my blog and, of course, on Amazon.  If it's available on the Kindle then so much the better too and Audible too!  Basically, saving the trees but still reading new-to-me novels is what I want.

Can you help me?  Please?  😃

Friday, 14 April 2017

Image change on my writing site

When I created the previous title image on my writing site I was messing around with things in PSP and put the cutout text and page curl on the site.

I've just created an avatar of me so used it to update the title image again!

My writing site is called Stories for children that you can see by clicking on the link that I've made out of the title and completely taken off the page curl and cut out.  It's not as creative, but definitely more professional!

Monday, 27 March 2017

Edit-a-thon after I've had me lunch today!

Gonna do it in date order, just need to remember to check if I've already edited one so that I don't overwrite or re-do the changes I've already made!  It'll be an early reader first, called "Adam at school" 'cos I haven't edited that or any other MS after that.

Gonna have me lunch first though!  lol

Sunday, 26 March 2017

How much I'm paid as an author

Just read this blog post and decided to add my tuppenny worth to it.

I published my first book in 2013.  No royalties or anything like that and I invested literally thousands of pounds to get it published.

My return on it?

Not even £13 yet.

£13 a second?  A minute?  An hour?


£13 in the entire 3.5 years it's been published.

Not even the unemployed earn as little in a day than I have done in the last 3.5 years!

Am I rich?

I've got a wonderful husband, two wonderful best friends, a mum and a whole family of in-laws, I've got a roof over my head and food on the table along with chocolate whenever I buy it, so yes, I'm very rich, just not in monetary terms!