Saturday, 17 February 2018

After a bit of a tizzy this evening...

After 12 hours of constant work, I've put the sites in Google and Bing and I've updated the Stories site's navigation.

Got into a bit of an arsey mood with Steve about it, but it seems to be working now, thankfully!

It started off so well :-(

Been trying to sort out the navigation page on my stories site all day and it was going so well... I sorted out the home bit of the navigation and I was really proud of myself.

I'd have gone to bed really proud of myself if I'd just left it there.

I didn't though.

Got too far ahead of myself and screwed up.

Had to get Steve to sort out the navigation for me and apparently now the burger menu bit has disappeared again.

I'm gonna check that the div tag is closed and put replace the code at the top so that it's back again and use the primary thing for the colour, then that's it.  I've had enough for the day now.


Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Review: Spirit of the Wind by Yasmine Hamdi

✩✩✩✩ out of 5 

This is a good book, told from the first person viewpoint, about an American Indian tribe.

Be prepared to lose your lunch in the last few chapters when the author describes an infected wound on the leg of one of the characters though!

I could swear I'd read this book before, but I don't think I have.  If you're an MG or YA reader who is interested in Native America then have a read of this book.

It starts off slowly but ends happily ever after... just have a couple of tissues nearby if you're an emotional person and don't eat much in the last few chapters if you don't like gross descriptions of infected wounds!

Sunday, 11 February 2018

And it's all planned out as of now!

Varik's parents have just disolved into purple goo that Varik and his partners are stirring with one of their limbs.

That's it until March now when I'll attempt to write the 80k words in 40 days.

5 down, 10 left to plan today!

Varik has just met his four partners and they are all going to a pizza place to talk through their concerns about the loss of all the parents so that they can create the next generation, or if they should keep the parents alive and not create a new generation.

What will Varik and his four partners decide to do?

Saturday, 10 February 2018

20 chapters planned today!!

It seems to be a 'thing' with me that the later it gets, the more creative I am.  I struggled to plan 5 chapters all morning but I've done 15 since I had me lunch!

Only 15 left to plan then that's it finished and ready for me to start writing in March!

15 chapters planned today now

Apparently 100k is too long for YA, so I've cut it down to 40 chapters instead of 50, so that means I'm over half way through the planning now.

Just planned out the bit about how VarikChit was created and how come he's got a sister too as well as why nobody on Thraag has grandparents.

Gonna plan out a few more chapters then head to bed and hope that I have another creative day tomorrow.