Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Six chapters written today, so...

Written 6k words today and there are only 6k (6 chapters) to write tomorrow then the whole manuscript will be finished in 7 days.

I'm assuming it'll be too late to eat tomorrow, considering it's 8pm now, so it'll be 2 cans of J2O and a posh hot chocolate that I was given for Christmas in celebration then I'll have the lasagne on Thursday.

Not bad going, considering I had an awful case of writer's block 6 days ago and didn't even start writing until after lunch!

Assuming I finish writing tomorrow...

Tomorrow will be my 7th day of writing, meaning that I will have finished a 40k word MG novel in exactly a week which is totally amazing!

Gonna give myself the rest of January off after I've finished the entire MS tomorrow - I think I'll deserve it! lol

Onto the sixth chapter of the day now, then...

Just written my fifth chapter of the day so I'm gonna start writing the sixth and final chapter of the day now.  If I get the sixth chapter written in less than an hour and a half, I'll seriously consider writing a seventh before I head to bed, but I just want the sixth written by bed time tonight.

Four down, two to go

Just finished me fourth chapter of the day, so I've only got to write another 2 chapters in 5 hours which should be pretty easy, hopefully!

Third chapter sorted

Gonna do 6 chapters today and the last 6 tomorrow so that I can celebrate with a lasagne if I finish early enough.  If not I'll have a fancy hot chocolate and 2 J2O's tomorrow and the lasagne on Thursday.

Second chapter of the day finished now.

2k words in 3 hours ain't bad going and I'm back into my writing headspace now, so I'm gonna keep writing instead of having my Square thing... wanna make the most of my muse while it's with me!

First chapter of the day finished.

That's chapter 29 written and the parents are about to go to the park to meet each other for the first time, then they're off to the zizap in chapter 30 so that they can get to know each other and approve of the children's choices of partners that Thraag put in each others paths, literally.

The next chapter will mark ¾ of the entire manuscript written in exactly a week.

Just got 10 more chapters to write now then that's JanNo officially finished for me for another year, even though I didn't get started until half way through the month!  lol