Friday, 18 November 2022

Book Review: "No Filter" by Orlagh Collins

⭐ out of 5

 If you've read any of my other recent book reviews then you'll already know that I always start each one in the same way - by saying that every book starts off with the full basket of stars and I'm always hopeful that it'll still be a 5 star book by the time I close my Kindle.  You'll also know that I always give my reasons for knocking stars off and that 5 star books usually break my heart and become 4 stars because of use of brands potentially without permission.  The last book that I read said before the first page of the story started that brand names were used fictitiously in the story so they kept the full five stars despite using brand names pretty often... it just needs that one sentence or an acknowledgement to the company to keep that 5th star firmly in place.

Let's get reading and reviewing!

Oh dear, the first star is wobbly at only 1% because the author has used a well-known internet website... it's still clinging on, but barely - any more usage of brand names and the first star is coming off because there wasn't that sentence right at the start about the brands being used fictitiously.  And off it comes in the next sentence because of use of the use of a festival  :-(  The only way to get it back to 5 stars now is if they are included in the acknowledgements  :-(

The first section was OK at best, but it was pretty much entirely in italics which made for incredibly hard reading and has made my eyes ache like mad.

I'm a touch confused about the language used - some of it is American (like the use of "form" instead of "year") but the author has used the UK spelling of "mum" so if a mid-forties woman is confused, imagine what a young teen would be feeling already!  There has also been very little speech between the characters so far so it's already boring me... will this be a book that I skip more than I read?  The second star is slipping off, so we're already down to 3 stars after only 3%.

At last!  The end of the first chapter at 5%!  I'm already regretting every penny I spent on this book, unfortunately.

I'm guessing this is definitely an American author 'cos there have been three swears in a page and a half that would be unlikely to pass a UK publishers approval.  They're not bad swears, thankfully, but they are still there so the third star is coming off at only 6% and I don't reckon I'll even get a quarter of this book before I give up on it at this rate.

And now we're in Ireland... that's three countries and varying spellings in only 7%.  Unless things dramatically improve for the rest of this chapter, the fourth star is coming off and I'm stopping reading this book.

That's a relief - I got to the end of the chapter without feeling like I had to knock the final star off.  I've got 92% of the book left to get through and only one star left before I give up... not looking too promising right now, is it?

Ooh!  That was a decent chapter!  The first one in this book that I haven't needed to knock a star off during... does this mean that I'll get through the rest of the book now and that the author has finally found her inspiration?  I certainly hope so!

A second good chapter!  The author is definitely in her stride now!

After a good couple of chapters, it's back to boredom again.  I'm up to 71% now and I'm looking forward to the end of this blimmin' book... total waste of time and money.

I've scrolled forward another 20% and it really hasn't improved, so the fourth and final star is coming off.  What a hugely disappointing book.

Sunday, 13 November 2022

Book Review: "My Messed-Up Life" by Susin Nielsen

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

If you've read my recent book reviews, you'll already know that I start 'em all off by saying that they all start off with the full shebang of stars and that I'm always hopeful that they will all still be stuck firmly in place by the time I finish reading.

I've also just (as in within the last hour) finished reading my first ever book by this author and discovered that this one came out before the one I've just read, so I'm hoping they are both stand-alone books otherwise it might get very confusing, very quickly lol

Let's get reading and reviewing.

Ooh!  Looks like I'll be buying and reading *all* of this authors books then, 'cos I've already read one and the other 4 are on my TBR pile... if this book is as good as the first one I read, will this author be a new favourite author for me?  I hope so!

Oh dear, the first star should be coming off on the first page of the first chapter but it said before the novel started that the things were being used fictitiously, so the star is staying on this time, thankfully.  Still a 5 star book and will hopefully all still be solidly in place when I finish reading it.

The first two chapters have been incredible and soo worthy of those 5 stars.  They *are* standalone books, which is a relief.  If it keeps on like this, it'll be a well-deserved 5 stars when I close the back cover... will I be blubbing at the end like I was with the previous book I read by this author?

Wowsers!  I'm already up to chapter 5 and I've yet to find a single thing to complain about at all, which is very unlike me!

Blimey Charlie!  I'm up to chapter 24 (88%) now and there still hasn't been any reason to knock a star off!  I'm gonna go and get myself a drink (cold this time lol) then finish off reading this incredible book.  WTG the author - she's rapidly becoming one of my favourites!

This book just gets better and better... I'm at chapter 27 now and I haven't got a clue what I've done with my life since I started reading this gorgeous book yesterday afternoon.  This is a definite must-read book for everyone - adults and children alike!

Just finished reading and it's been an incredible book from start to finish.  There were brand names and one famous person used throughout, which would usually mean I took off a star, but right at the start of the book the author wrote that they were all used fictitiously, so the star stays firmly in place.

If you're an adult looking for a comforting, easy read or a 10+ year old child wanting to find your next escape, then you need to grab this book and set aside a day to devour it in.

Saturday, 12 November 2022

Book Review: "No Fixed Address" by Susin Nielsen

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

If you've read any of my other recent book reviews, you'll already know that they all start off with me saying that each book starts with the full whack of stars and that I'm always hopefull that they will all still be firmly in place by the time I close the back cover.

Let's get reading and reviewing shall we?

It's been a great start to this book but, like with the majority of childrens books, the author is using copyrighted or trademarked names already, so at only 7% of the way through, the first star is unfortunatly wobbling off.

Want to know the sign of a great book for me?  A hot drink going cold.  My drink isn't even tepid any more!  lol  Let's try with a new hot drink shall we?  lol

This is a great little book so far!  I know it's a children's book and I'm middle-aged, but it's a light, relaxing, easy read and so deserving of every one of those four stars!

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  The end of chapter 10 is breaking my heart.  Poor kid... I hope there's a happy ever after to this story!

Another heartbreaking chapter... poor Felix and Astrid!

Ooh!  Looks like we're gonna be meeting Daniel soon!

I swear that this book is gonna have me in tears before the end of it lol

At about 70% things are making me feel a touch stressed out for poor Felix and Astrid!

This book is gonna break me before lunchtime... I can already tell lol

77% of the way through now and I'm already holding my breath for poor Felix, but totally understand why he's angry with his two friends 'cos I would be too.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  This is definitely gonna break me and have me in tears by the time I close the back cover!  No spoilers, but you seriously need to buy and read this book.

Wow.  What a perfect ending.  I'm blubbing like a good 'un too so my prediction yesterday was spot on.

Sunday, 6 November 2022

Aaand... relax

I've just (about 15 minutes ago) finished NaNo by writing my 50,015th word in 6 days, which totally smashes last year's PB of 8 days and I'm setting or beating PBs all over the place this year.

We're celebrating with a Cafe Nero (decaff Mocha Grande with soya milk and a salted caramel shot for me) and a Subway pig-out because I've barely eaten since lunchtime on Monday (literally all I've had are 4 cookies, 2 giant flapjacks and a packet of biscuits) so I'm filling up on whatever I can get my hands on without getting bloated now.

If you're in the process of writing your NaNo novel - just keep going.  You can do this.  You've got just over 3 weeks to go and you can't edit a blank page.

I'm gonna be spending the next few days coming back to reality so I'm not sure when I'll re-start the news and stuff but I'm around again as of now.

Saturday, 5 November 2022

8 down...

...just another 7 chapters to go then that's it for another year already.

There are really loud fireworks banging away outside so I won't be able to sleep yet, so I'm thinking that I'll write an extra couple of bonus chapters tonight so that I can get my secondary celebration (my primary is a second J2O) ordered in before it's too late for me to eat and drink it before I head to bed tomorrow.

I can read the letters on the finishing banner now... just gotta muster up the last few thousand words tomorrow then the champagne corks can pop as I type the final full stop and stumble over the finishing line.

Unless there is a huuuge problem in the next 20-ish hours like a fire or theft or I die or whatever, I can pretty confidently predict that I'll finish tomorrow and be able to eat for the first time in November.