Wednesday 31 May 2017

Written a grand total of 2 chapters today

Spent 3 hours listening to Take That's album and the writing flowed.

Was hoping for 4 chapters today but half that ain't so bad, considering I didn't even start writing until 5pm!

Gonna watch The Bill tomorrow then put the album on again and hopefully manage to reach my daily target of 4 chapters, gonna try drinking chocolate first thing to inspire me then have 1 bottle of J2O in the evening in celebration... we'll see if Steve wants to provide me with enough mugs of drinking chocolate though!  😏

Taken all day, but...

Only achieved one chapter written so far today  👎

Aiming for one more before bedtime then that's it until tomorrow.

Monday 29 May 2017

All 4 chapters done

Put the final full stop into chapter 10 literally just as the shopping came.  Not bad going considering it took me all morning to write just one chapter!

I'm going to celebrate by eating lots of fresh cakes that came with the shopping!  lol

3 down, 1 to go

I struggled to write the 7th chapter all morning, but I've written 2 chapters since I had me lunch which ain't bad I don't reckon!

Sunday 28 May 2017

All four chapters done and dusted now

Up to chapter 7 now and it's not even 4pm yet!  Not going to write any more today, 3,000 words is enough for the day I reckon!  lol

Three down, one to go

Already written three chapters today and it's not even 3pm yet!

Two down, two to go

Just written my 1,500th word of the day and chocolate is definitely talking to my creativity, but my body seems to prefer hot drinks to soya milk... the flavour is still kicking my inspiration into gear, but I seem to be able to write more when I've got a mug of hot drinking chocolate on the table next to me.

I'm thinking I need a constant supply of choccy drinks, Nutella and bars of chocolate for NaNo and JanNo!

Chocolate's the word

That's all the proof I need.

I need a drinking chocolate for every chapter I write.  Wrote 2 chapters last night and had 2 drinking chocolates while I was writing them.  Had another one this morning and wrote another chapter.

Found a carton of chocolate soya milk in the fridge, so am trying that too to see if it's chocolate that inspires me or hot drinking chocolate (as opposed to hot chocolate which has got an allergen in it for me)... I'm experimenting with temperature today... heat worked last night, I'm hoping cold will work during the day.  If it does, I'll stock up on tubs of drinking chocolate for NaNo and JanNo 'cos it's colder in November and January every year and get a couple of cartons of chocolate soya milk a week the rest of the time to inspire me to write the rest of the year!

Wish me luck for the rest of the day - 1 chapter down, 3 to go before I head to bed tonight.  Takes me about 2 hours to write a chapter so hopefully I'll put the full stop in at 6pm tonight... we shall see!

Saturday 27 May 2017

Written 2 chapters this evening

Gave up planning each chapter of my new WIP so just started writing and 4 hours later I've got 2 written.

Gonna have an early night tonight and aim to write 3k (4 chapters) a day starting tomorrow now that I've made a start on it.

Nite nite!

Monday 8 May 2017

My linkedIn profile is now updated

Just spent the last hour or so updating my LinkedIn page with my new details and stuff... busy day today!  Gonna try and plan out my next novel tomorrow... I had so many ideas but now I've forgotten what they all were thanks to my brain damage  😕