Friday 8 April 2022

Aaand... JanNo23 novel is totally planned out, so I'm sorted until this time next year for things to write now, so I really can concentrate on editing my MG and YA novels now.  Gonna give myself a break for a few days so that I can get out of Alex's head and into my editing headspace, then I'm hoping to crack on with the editing in about the middle of next week... I've got no excuses now!  😌

I realised this morning...

...that I haven't finished planning out my JanNo23 MS yet and there hasn't been any news so that's what I'm gonna spend the rest of the day doing.  Gotta get back into my MCs headspace again and remind myself of what they have already got up to first though lol

Thursday 7 April 2022

There won't be any news today because...

...I got a warning from my anti-virus programme about one of my sources having a virus in it.  The virus has been quarantined and I've scanned my machine so I'm not infected, but I'm not gonna risk opening any of my sources today - maybe I'm being over cautious about it, but I'm just not willing to take any risks now that I know there's a quarantined virus in one of my emails.  Things'll be back to normal again tomorrow, but you've all got the day off today so I recommend making yourself a soya chocolate milkshake instead  😌