Tuesday 12 November 2019

Just added another...

...99 ideas to the writing ideas software for my members.

Now would be a good time to apply to become a member because that's the only one that gets updated and it's less expensive too.  Got other member exclusives coming up too, so it's well worth it!

Saturday 9 November 2019

It's now official...

I've literally just finished NaNo!!!!!!

Gonna celebrate with a J2O and a Burger King meal in celebration.

I can now take a deep breath and relax until I start planning out my JanNo novel now lol

Thursday 7 November 2019

6 chapters written today, sooo...

...got 9 chapters left to write then it's finished and I can have a Burger King treat on Saturday if I finish it at a reasonable time.  I finished 5 chapters at about 6pm-ish today, so hopefully I'll get the final full stop typed at about 4pm then I can crack open two J2O's while I'm waiting for the Burger King veggie burger to arrive.

Assuming I do finish at a reasonable time on Saturday, I think that beats (or at least equals) my personal best for NaNo.  I can then relax for the weekend and start planning out my JanNo novel on Monday which is great going too!

Feeling really proud of myself right now.  Gonna check my emails then head to bed for a well-deserved early night.

Wednesday 6 November 2019

That's today's 5 chapters written, so...

...I'm still on track for finishing on Saturday evening which will be 4 days ahead of my plan and so totally awesome.  Gonna finish drinking my reward then check my email for the first time today.  Next week is gonna be weird 'cos I won't have anything to write 🤣  That's me done for the day now though.

Tuesday 5 November 2019

My sums were a bit wrong, but as of now...

...assuming I write 5 chapters every day, I will officially finish on Saturday 9th instead of Wednesday 13th, so I'll be 4 days sooner than I had planned and I'll be allowed a reward every day too which smashes my previous personal best into smithereens!

Feeling really positive about this year's NaNo now!!

As of now...

...I'm officially half way through my NaNo19 manuscript after only 5 days.

So totally awesome!

Monday 4 November 2019

Written six chapters today

Just put the final full stop in chapter 24, so if I manage another 6 chapters tomorrow I'll be another day ahead of myself which will make 2 days sooner than I planned, so I'll finish on the evening of the 10th instead of lunchtime on the 13th which'll be awesome.  As long as I do 4 chapters a day I'll have earnt my reward and I'll be finished in under a fortnight too, which is awesome.

I'm finally starting to believe that I can do it now!

That's the 4th chapter done and dusted, sooo...

Just finished the fourth chapter of the day, so any additional ones are bonuses now... yaaaay!  Even managed the long walk with the puppy as well, so I'm hoping for 6 chapters today and tomorrow, to put me another day ahead of target.

Had my J2O reward, so time to keep writing again now.

Sunday 3 November 2019

Just finished the 4th chapter of the day, so...

Just put the final full stop in chapter 18, so I've written my target 4 chapters today and I'm gonna finish off my cuppa then have my reward, take me pills, check my email then head to bed for an early night tonight.

Didn't manage the 6 chapters that I was hoping for, but that's OK 'cos at least I've achieved my daily target.  As long as I manage that, everything else is a bonus.

If I manage 4 chapters tomorrow I'll be over half way on Tuesday, which is awesome in less than a week and I'll hopefully be finished by this time next week.  No pressure or anything lol

One third down, two thirds to go

I'm now, officially, a third of the way through the entire manuscript in a little under 3 days.  Not gonna be able to manage six chapters today, but I should hopefully manage 4 so that I can have my J2O.  Only 1½ chapters to go, then I'll take me pills and have an early night I reckon.

Saturday 2 November 2019

6 chapters today, so...

Finished chapter 14 (so 14,000 words) a couple of hours ago so I'm on target for finishing the entire manuscript in just 9 days time which is so awesome and I'm pretty sure totally smashes my previous personal best.  I'll have written 50,000 words in under 2 weeks which I never thought I could achieve after missing out on my very first NaNo back in 2011!

Just gotta keep at it for another 9 days, then that's it until January.

If you're taking part in NaNo too then keep on keeping on and you can win it too!

That's today's 4 chapters written, so...

Just written to my daily target of 4,000 words so I'm gonna have my reward of a J2O.  Writing another 2,000 words before I head is definitely do-able (at least I hope it is 🤣) so it'll be easy maths from tomorrow onwards, assuming I can still keep counting in 4's 🤣.  Still a day ahead of shedule and assuming I get the 6,000 words written today, I'll have sliced the extra half a day off too.

Currently on target for writing the final full stop in the whole manuscript at lunchtime on the 12th, but if I can get the other 2 chapters written before bed time then it'll be the evening of the 11th that I finish the entire manuscript and NaNo challenge which would be totally awesome.  It's looking do-able right now, but things could happen to stop me meeting my daily target, so I'm trying not to be overly confident yet.

Friday 1 November 2019

8 chapters written today, which means...

Just put the final full stop in chapter 8, which means I'm a day ahead of myself so I'll finish at lunchtime on 12th November if I keep writing at least 4 chapters a day.  I'm really getting into the story and I'm getting to know Nancee, John and Sherlee after only 17 hours and 8,000 words.

Hope for tomorrow is to write 6 chapters so that my finish date is easier for me to work out lol

Going to bed now... don't want to push a good day too far.

Nite nite orl!

Been writing for 15 hours and...

Started writing at 3.30am (not a typo) and it's now 6pm and I've written 7 chapters already.  Just got one more chapter to write then I'll celebrate with my second J2O of the day and I'll be able to have a well deserved early night.

It's the first couple and last chapters that I find hardest to write so I'm on track for finishing by lunchtime on 12th now, a day earlier than I was planning which is so totally awesome.

Comin' to get you, NaNo and I'm not going to be beaten... I'll win again for sure - just you watch me!

Celebration time already!

It's not even lunchtime yet and I've already done my daily 4 chapters and treated myself to my first J2O of NaNo.  Hoping to totally smash my personal best by writing 8 chapters before I head to bed tonight so that I'll finish at lunchtime on the 12th instead of lunchtime on the 13th.  Any additional chapters from now on are a real bonus though and I'm in my writing headspace now, so I'll write again as soon as I've had my lunch - Subway sarnie courtesy of Steve!

And so it begins...

It's almost 3.30am and officially 1st November, so time to get into my writing for the next 30 days.  Hoping to be finished by lunchtime on the 13th, but as long as I've finished before midnight on 30th November, that's all I'm worried about.

See you on the other side of this!