Saturday 2 November 2019

That's today's 4 chapters written, so...

Just written to my daily target of 4,000 words so I'm gonna have my reward of a J2O.  Writing another 2,000 words before I head is definitely do-able (at least I hope it is 🤣) so it'll be easy maths from tomorrow onwards, assuming I can still keep counting in 4's 🤣.  Still a day ahead of shedule and assuming I get the 6,000 words written today, I'll have sliced the extra half a day off too.

Currently on target for writing the final full stop in the whole manuscript at lunchtime on the 12th, but if I can get the other 2 chapters written before bed time then it'll be the evening of the 11th that I finish the entire manuscript and NaNo challenge which would be totally awesome.  It's looking do-able right now, but things could happen to stop me meeting my daily target, so I'm trying not to be overly confident yet.

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