Sunday 27 November 2016

Going to get Danielle a SCBWI membership in the New Year

Going to get her membership to SCBWI as she seems to approve of being there, so I'll make it a joint birthday and Yule gift starting next year  :-)

Saturday 26 November 2016

Wrote "Five golden keys" today and...

I'm going to research writing early chapter books tomorrow then write my first early chapter book next week.  It prolly won't be any good but it'll get me writing a new to me kinda book!

Apparently they are between 1,000 and 1,500 words per chapter and there are 5-10 chapters per book.

Wish me luck!

I'm thinking, if I'm feeling particularly creative, I can write 3 or 4 PBs a day,
2 early readers a day, 2 easy readers a day, 1 early chapter book a week, 1 MG novel a fortnight or 1 YA novel a month.

The only type I don't fancy writing atm is board books but other than that, I'll give most things a try!

Wrote "You're just jealous" yesterday

Wrote the easy reader "You're just jealous" yesterday.

Writing an early reader called "Five golden keys" today thanks to a prompt on SCBWI last night.

Will prolly write another one a day until the end of November then start doing my Yule shopping ready to start writing again in 2017!

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Cogheart by Peter Bunzl

Just finished listening to Cogheart and it was a great book that I reckon is for either older MG or younger YA, purely because of the choice of some of the words.

If you've got a tween or young teen that you want to get more into reading, get them this audiobook.

Saturday 19 November 2016

That's the synopsis written

Wrote the synopsis for my NaNo novel then had me tea, gonna ask Steve to write a programme that writes a synopsis for you and you just fill in the details of your novel to put on my Stories For Children site when I've worked out the details that every synopsis has then work out how to put the text boxes in it.

Writing a synopsis

Don't suppose anyone knows of a programme that I can use to write a synopsis for my NaNo novel do they?  I would prefer free but I'm willing to pay if I have to.

In theory I can write it tonight, I just don't want to get into the MC's head again otherwise I'll have to put off writing Don't bother until the middle of next week again which I really don't want to do if I can possibly help it.

Friday 18 November 2016

I'm most of the way out of my MCs head now, so...

Things are looking good for starting "Don't bother" on Monday.

All I remember is the MC's first name (David) his sister's name (Anna) and his tutors name (Mrs Felps) but everything else has gone already and I only finished it 3 days ago... that's how bad my memory is!  lol

It's things like this that make me grateful for the brain damage!  lol

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Going to start writing "Don't bother" next week

I'm already out of David's head but don't want to confuse "Don't bother" with my NaNo novel, "That's magic".

Wish me luck and creativity!

Tuesday 15 November 2016

Just had my publisher on the phone

Just had AH on the phone about my published book.  They want to re-design the cover and add parts of the reviews I've had from it.

Apparently that's free.

I wonder why I don't believe them!

In only 15 days, I've finished it!

Started writing at about 8am on 1st November.

Finished my NaNo novel at 2pm on 15th November.

I even like the palendromic number of words I finished on - 50,005!

Going to celebrate by shutting down until tomorrow and having a glittery J2O!

Tomorrow I'll have a day off from writing and have me hair cut then come home and just watch the telly.

Thursday I'll plan out my next novel!  lol

Monday 14 November 2016

Just over 47k written so far, which means...

Written 47,007 words so far, which means I'm on track to write the 50,000th word after only 15 days.

I thought I was doing well to finish it after 25 days, but a day over 2 weeks is just fantastic... WTG me!  lol

Not having our hair cut after all today, so...

We've just been to wait for Steve's dad to take us to have our hairs cut.

His car broke down so we're not having our hair cut today after all, but that also means I can write more of my NaNo novel today instead!  Yay!

Sunday 13 November 2016

4,000 written today

Just written my 4,000th word of the day and I reckon I'll get one more chapter in then I'll take me pills and head to bed.

I was aiming for 2k words today but I've already doubled that, so I'm on track for finishing on Thursday instead of Friday now!

Edit - scratch that.  I'm happy with 4k so I'm going to shut down and watch a bit of telly then go straight to bed after that.

3,432 words written already today!

Considering I was only going to write 2k words today and didn't start until almost 9am, I think I've done pretty well so far!

As long as I write 568 more words before bed time, I'll have written almost as much as I wrote yesterday and I'll only have 6 more chapters left to write before I finish it in just over 2 weeks!

Saturday 12 November 2016

80% done now

Written 5 chapters in 5k words today. The most I've ever written for anything in 1 day.

Exactly 40k words written since about 8am on 1st November and it's now 5pm on 12th so that's pretty good going, considering I had a few days of only managing to write 2k a day so managing more than double that in one day is pretty impressive I reckon!

Going to have the celebratory J2O I promised myself this morning, then I'm taking me pills and catching up on emails and forums ready for another write-athon tomorrow.  Prolly not as write-athonish as today but I've only got another 10k to write, so I'm aiming to write 2k a day for 5 days starting tomorrow, having Monday off because I'm getting my hair cut and the shopping is coming and I'll write the 50,000th word on Friday.

76% already written

Not bad going for 12 days out of the challenges 30 days and as long as I write 2k words a day starting tomorrow, I'll easily finish by Friday!

Yay me!

It's only lunchtime, but I've already written 3,001 words today!

Just under 2k left to write and I'll have written 5k today, the most I've ever written in a single day.

It's 1.30pm so I reckon I'll easily do it!


I thought I had 2k left to write to make it to 50k but it's actually 12k to finish the NaNo challenge.  It's 2k before I can say I'm on the home stretch and celebrate every 5k I write but 2k only takes me to 40k which is the first celebration mark, not the end of the NaNo challenge.


If I write the 2k today I'll be at 40K and only need to write 2k a day next week then it'll be finished!  lol

Already written 1,001 words today

Woke up at 6.30am, walked the pup and got straight on with me NaNo novel.  I've written more in the last three and a half hours than I usually do all morning!

Friday 11 November 2016

35,003 now

I've got 3 bottles of J2O to have, so I'm thinking I'll have one to celebrate 40k, 45k, then 50k.

Only got 15k left to write so I'm gonna try and write at least 3k a day starting tomorrow, instead of the 2k I managed today.

Going to take me pills and have a very early night now and start again tomorrow morning after walking the pup first thing.

Wish me luck!

Thursday 10 November 2016

33,009 now

Just written my 3,009th word in my NaNo novel and it's going pretty well, considering I'd barely written 500 words before I had me lunch, I reckon that's pretty good going!

Wednesday 9 November 2016

60% done and dusted

Just put the 30,000th word of my NaNo novel down, so I'm now, officially 60% done and dusted!  Yaaaaay!

Only wrote 2k yesterday :-(

Not a good day, yesterday, but if I can write 5k today I'll be back on track... wish me luck!

Monday 7 November 2016

Only 3k written today, but...

I'm now officially half way through the NaNo challenge after only 7 days!

Yay me!

Sunday 6 November 2016

Written 3,999 words today

I'm at exactly 22k words now, which is pretty impressive considering I only started writing it six days ago!

Tomorrow will be exactly one week and I'll be half way through the NaNo word count!

NaNo is now saying I'll be finished on 14th which ain't bag going for a month long challenge!  lol

I've more than doubled the word count of what the NaNo site suggests - the graph shows 10k and I've done 22k as of now!

50k words in exactly two weeks is pretty good going, considering I didn't win my very first NaNo... I was about 2k words short by midnight on the last day but that's because I was struck with writer's block and didn't plan it but I've won every time I've done it since then, thanks to yWriter!

Just over 20k written in 6 days

Just finished writing chapter 20 and my word count is now at 20,014 which means that I'll be half way to finishing the MS tomorrow after only a week, which, in turn, means I'll be finished NaNo by the middle of November.

Might challenge myself to write 75k words next year for NaNo at this rate!  lol

Saturday 5 November 2016

Another 4k written today!

My MS is now at 18,001 words... not bad going in five days!  lol

Friday 4 November 2016

4k written today

Written another 4,000 words today so I'm going to take me pills and head to bed for a genuinely early night now.

Nite nite orl!

2k written so far today

Already written 2,000 words this morning, so I'm stopping for lunch now and I'll hopefully write another 2k words this afternoon too.

It was tough to get going first thing, but after I had a word with my muse and started writing it just flowed like a river onto the page!

Yay me!

Thursday 3 November 2016

10k words in 3 days!

Not bad going, I reckon!

Going to celebrate with a bottle of J2O now that I'm already a fifth of the way to winning NaNo!

Right on track to hit 10k today

Today is the 3rd day of NaNo and I've already written 8k with 10k being the plan for the end of today.

The NaNo site estimates that if I keep on like this, I'll be finished by the 19th which will be totally awesome and the quickest I've completed NaNo in during the last 6 years!

Yay me!

Wednesday 2 November 2016

3k written today

Considering I didn't really start until after lunch, then had computer problems half way through Chapter 7 that forced me to reboot.

Seven thousand words in two days is something to be proud of I reckon!

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Just over 4k words written in 8 hours

Today is the start of NaNo and I've already written the first 4k words in almost 8 hours so it was easier than I was expecting.

I'm having my hair cut on 14th November morning so will only be able to write a couple of thousand words when I get home from that and I'm hoping to meet up with C before the end of NaNo so will only be able to write another 2k then but I'm on track to finish before 20th November which will give me 10 days to get out of David's head and back into my own ready for the end of November.

Waiting for my email to back up, then I can turn off the laptop and have a cooked tea hopefully.  I've stopped writing for the day now, so it's just the backing up and checking my email until tomorrow when I'll check my email again and set the last bit of backing up going while I write the next 4k words to make me 2 days ahead of schedule so I can have the hair cutting and meeting up with C totally off from writing.