Monday, 12 April 2021

Almost forgot about...

...the synopsis, but that's done and dusted now too.


Just gotta wait for a while (as in weeks not hours 😜) so that I can forget everything I've written before the first edit, then I'll be sorted and able to plan my next novel.

Are there any subjects that you think are a touch thin on the ground in the world of childrens books atm that I could research and write please?


Sunday, 11 April 2021

It's been almost 11 months since the last update, but...

...the writing ideas software, for my members who have bought it, has just been updated and the update is available for free as I promised when you bought it!

Aaaaand...'s finished!


25,002 words written in 9 days ain't bad going at all, considering it's neither JanNo nor NaNo and I've had at least half an hour off for lunch every day as well as breakfast and doing the daily news and checking emails, the forum and Facebook as well.


Gonna reward myself with a "posh" (cafetierre) coffee and relaaax.

Saturday, 10 April 2021

That's it for the day now

I've somehow managed to write 8 chapters today, which is more than double (very close to triple) what I was struggling to achieve a week ago.  I've got 7 left to write, which I'm hoping I'll manage to achieve tomorrow, then I can celebrate with a "posh" (cafetierre) coffee and give myself a few days off, then start on the huge pile of MS editing that's waiting for me!

Just starting to tie up loose ends now, but the final full stop is within reach and my reward is getting closer and closer by the hour.

I'm gonna check my emails and Facebook then head to bed I reckon.

Goodnight all.


I've written another two chapters in just a smidgen over 2 hours, so that's 7 chapters written today and I haven't even taken my evening pills yet!  I've currently got 8 chapters left to write then it's all done and dusted in under two weeks!

I'm gonna make a start on chapter 27 (my eighth one of the day), take my last two pills at 7pm then have an early night when I've finished the chapter!  A week ago I was proud of myself for achieving three chapters a day, but I've already doubled that today and I'm hoping (fingers crossed), that I'll put the final full stop in tomorrow, which'll be about 10 days sooner than I was thinking a week ago, and I'll be celebrating with my second reward in 3 or 4 days!

Feeling rightly proud of myself right now.

It's only 4.15pm and I've already achieved...'s five chapters, so I'm hoping I'll hit seven chapters by the time I head to bed tonight, which would be awesome!

Keep them fingers crossed for me and I might even be able to finish it by bedtime on Monday after all!

News and an opinion on 10th April 2021

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10 April 2021

Evelyn Yang authors children's book about sexual abuse, shares personal story -

Book Fairies to hide debut titles in public to champion new authors

8 Children’s Books You Can Read This Ramadan


Friday, 9 April 2021

Didn't think I'd manage it, but...

...I've written another 5 chapters today and I'm over half way through it now, so I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now.


Gonna take my evening pills, catch up on Facebook and my emails and stuff, then hopefully have an early night.


I can so do this!  My goal is to have it completely finished by the time I head to bed on Tuesday... wish me luck that I achieve it please?!

Goodnight all.  See you all at some point tomorrow.

After exactly 7 days...

...I'm exactly half way through my WIP❗  Yaaaay❗

To celebrate, we are having a cafetierre of coffee and the tub is totally finished now too, so the coffee will either be just right or too strong 🤣

I'd like to get at least one more chapter written before I take my pills and hopefully another one (my fifth of the day) before I hit the sack for the night.  If things keep on at this speed, my first draft will be finished on Tuesday ('cos I've got a medical appointment on Monday morning and groceries being delivered in the afternoon) as long as I keep writing 5 chapters a day, but it'll be finished by Wednesday if I can only write 3 a day 'cos I'll be able to sneak them in around the other things on Monday, instead of being totally focussed on writing and everything else coming around that.

I can sooo do this❗


Thursday, 8 April 2021

Managed to sneak in... fifth chapter of the day, so I'm feeling really proud of myself right now.

Gonna take my evening pills then catch up with emails and stuff.

Nite nite for now though... hopefully back again, bright and early tomorrow with the news and hopefully another creative day with my WIP.

Third chapter done and dusted already sooo...

...I'm gonna crack on with the fourth chapter of the day and might even be able to sneak a fifth one in before I head to bed at this rate!  I'm happy with what I've achieved though, so any other chapters are a bonus now.

I've already written...

...two chapters today and about to start on my third, might even be able to sneak in a fourth chapter before I head to bed tonight then it'll all be a whirr of action so I'm hoping for at least three chapters a day from tomorrow on, then it'll be time for the happy ever after and another WIP moved to the 'To Edit' folder.  I'll give myself a bit of time off after that and then start working my way through heaps of stories to be edited.

I'm back into the writing headspace now, so hopefully I'll be able to make use of it to get as much creative stuff done as I can, before I run out of steam again!

News for 8th April 2021

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8th April 2021

Temple student’s children’s book inspires families during pandemic

Macmillan Children's launches non-fiction imprint with former DK trio

Local authors inspired to publish bilingual children’s books

York writer wins gold for his first children’s book – a rhyming rock’n’roll story with its own soundtrack

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