Saturday 24 April 2021

6 down, 2 to go

Not too bad going today.wards for writing anyhing


Managed to write exactly ¾ of the ECB, so I've just got the last two chapters to write tomorrow, then that's two planned and written in exactly a week, which ain't too bad going at all.


I'm thinking that my rewards for writing ECB's and up will be soya chocolate milkshake then the J2O's for NaNo and JanNo novels 'cos there's a time limit to each of those so deserve a more significant reward, but the milkshakes are a more regular motivation 'cos the only time limit on them is ones I've set myself.


I'm gonna check my email one last time then have an early night I reckon.


Nite nite orl.  Sea ewe 2morrow.


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