Saturday 10 April 2021


I've written another two chapters in just a smidgen over 2 hours, so that's 7 chapters written today and I haven't even taken my evening pills yet!  I've currently got 8 chapters left to write then it's all done and dusted in under two weeks!

I'm gonna make a start on chapter 27 (my eighth one of the day), take my last two pills at 7pm then have an early night when I've finished the chapter!  A week ago I was proud of myself for achieving three chapters a day, but I've already doubled that today and I'm hoping (fingers crossed), that I'll put the final full stop in tomorrow, which'll be about 10 days sooner than I was thinking a week ago, and I'll be celebrating with my second reward in 3 or 4 days!

Feeling rightly proud of myself right now.

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