Tuesday 20 April 2021


...it's finished.  


Managed to knock out 2,500 words combined today and I was wrong this morning, this is my *second* manuscript in the year, but they were both written during April and neither of them are PBs (the first one is a MG and the one I've just finished is an ECB).

My muse has been really active so far this month, so I fully intend to continue to make full use of it while it lasts... gotta come up with more ideas for the next MS first though lol

Might attempt another ECB in a few days 'cos I've got significantly less of those than all the other types I write.  I can use my nephew for inspiration 'cos he's hopefully gonna start progressing onto ECBs soon and he's just had his 6th birthday.  Gotta come up with more ideas first though... might trawl the internet for ideas tomorrow or pick the brain of parents of 5-7 year olds for ideas on what they find most interesting.  Maybe a sibling rivalry/protection story?

Gonna reward myself with some chocolate biscuits as a reward, before I hit the sack tonight though.

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