Sunday 29 October 2017

February 2018

Be on the look-out for a totally new look to the stories site and a shop and programme and logo and a whole lot more professional looking (but hopefully still fun for younger visitors) site.

Tried to put a shop on last night and this morning, but even a basic theme costs £60 and modules are even more, so I'm taking it all to my in-house geek and his brother is going to design the logo for the new-look site but I'll keep the domain name and hosting with Namehog 'cos they are an amazing company and I wouldn't go anywhere else now!

If you want a basic site made for free (you provide the graphics and content), I'm happy to do that for you.  If you want a Windows programme or app or software or a an all singing, all dancing website or whatever, leave me a comment with your email address and say that you want to get in contact with Steve which he'll charge for.

Same with graphics - if you want something totally unique, leave me a comment with your email address and I'll put you in touch with Andrew... he charges too though, but he's got a very competitive charge and he's good at what he does!  Apparently he can work on graphics for stationery and stuff for you too!

Between the three of us we can come up with all sorts of things for you as long as you don't mind forking out for the time we put in to creating it for you!

Saturday 28 October 2017

Anyone fancy being a beta reader for me?

Me again!

Does anyone fancy being a beta reader for me for my finished MSs please?  Everything from early readers for 5 year olds all the way up to young adults which are teens.

I've got loads already written, just want them read through for make-sensibility and appropriateness for the age and stuff.

Let me know in the comments of this blog post if you're up for it and the ages you want to beta read for  😀  Lemme know your email address and I'll email you about it from my S4C email address about it.  😊

Friday 27 October 2017

All set for NaNo now

NaNo starts on Wednesday so I've put some bottles of drink on Monday's grocery order, I've got J2O's to keep me going and about a third of the bag of chocochino's left.

I've got it all planned out in yWriter and I'm making even better use of it this year now that I know how to use the scene planning bit.

Gotta write at least 3 chapters a day to be finished in time and when I've got the writing started, I'll get into the MC's head and it'll be no problem... it's always the first and last chapters that I find hardest to write because I don't know my characters very well at the start and they've claimed a big chunk of my heart by the end.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday 11 October 2017

Gonna re-design the look of my author site after Christmas, so...

I've just asked my BIL about designing a logo for my author site after Christmas and I'm gonna totally re-do the look of it to make it more professional.

Any ideas of colours or textures or images or anything to go with it please?  Should I make it neutral colours or bright and jazzy colours?

All thoughts considered!  Just leave me a comment under this post!

Wednesday 4 October 2017

Just worked out that...

I've earned less in 4 years than Steve earns in 1 hour.  I've earned pennies over £12 since December 2013 but Steve earns £20 in an hour at work... hardly fair, is it!