Thursday 25 January 2018

It's official... I'm a dumb arse!

I was trying to work out how many days it would take me to finish my 100k in 3 months challenge that I'm setting myself this year.

I spent hour after hour trying to work out how many words I had to write a day and none of the numbers seemed anywhere near long enough... I'd be finished in 6 weeks instead of 12, tops.

If we say that a month is 30 days long, for the ease of calculation and so that I don't go even more doolally with it.

30 days × 3 months = 90 days, yeah?  Right so far?

50 chapters × 2k words in each chapter = 100k which is my target, yeah?  Still with me?

So 1 chapter a day is 50 days of daily writing to reach my 100k target yeah?

So the number I was looking for yesterday was 50 days at 1 chapter a day or 25 days at 2 chapters a day!

My dunceness was that I was working around 3 chapters a day instead of 1, which *would* be 17 days!  Wouldn't it??  I'm not sure again now!  lol

I give up with any kind of maths and I hope you can see why now!  lol

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Is my maths right, please?

I started planning out my next challenge - 100k words in 3 months.

Each chapter has 2 scenes of 1k words each so that's 2k words per chapter.

100÷2=50 chapters, right so far?

This next bit is where I need a bit of a confidence booster.  I wanna work out how many days it'll take to plan out the entire novel at 5 chapters a day, so:

50÷5=10 days, yeah?

I know it's simple maths, I've just never been confident with even the simplest maths is all so just wanna make sure I've got it right, unlike my JanNo novel where I was a chapter short.

Assuming I've got that right, the next bit is to work out how long it'll take me to write the novel.  My PB is currently 9k words on the final day of my JanNo novel, but that's so far off my norm which is about 5 or 6 chapters at 750 words per chapter for MG.

This is a YA novel and there are 2k words per chapter instead of 750, so I'm hoping to maybe write 3 chapters a day tops 'cos that's my usual speed when I'm in the writing zone.

Here comes a bit more maths:

50÷3=16.6, so lets round that up to 17 days... that can't be right though 'cos my PB was 50k in 12 days for NaNo and JanNo, so how am I going to squeeze out another 50k in less than a week?!?  Even my current PB is 9k in one day so how am I going to squeeze out a PB every single day for a week?

I is muchly confuzzled!

Anyone fancy helping me to work it out properly please?

See why I need your help now?  lol

Monday 22 January 2018

Joke alert!

Breaking news:  A man dies when a pile of books falls on top of him.  Police say he only had his shelf to blame.

Thursday 11 January 2018

Another new personal best

Wrote the final 12 chapters today which totally smashes the personal best that I set a few days ago!

My maths was one chapter out so had to add another chapter of 750 words to take me up to the 50k target.

It's amazing what I could achieve without The Bill on this morning and just listening to music through my headphones for the last 12 hours.

Feeling so proud of myself for writing 50k in 11 days so gonna reward myself with 2 J2O's now then head to bed.

Wednesday 10 January 2018

5 chapters written today

Not the 7 I was hoping for, but better than yesterday.

11 chapters left to write now then that's the MS finished for another year.

Just worked out that...

I know it's taken me forever to realise this, but every 5k I write of an upper MG or lower YA novels is 10% of the entire manuscript!

I'm at almost 41k in my current WIP atm so I'm over 80% of the way through it!!

Had an incredibly unproductive writing day yesterday 'cos I only managed 3 chapters so that's about 5% of the entire MS that I wrote in an unproductive day and I'm on my 3rd chapter of the day atm so that's another 5% which means I've done 10% in 2 days and I've got less than 20% of it still left to write!

My MC is about to get his school uniform then it's just tieing up lose ends in the last few chapters and Jools' first day at CornerRidge!

Bit behind what I was hoping for, but I'll still be finished in under 2 weeks even if I write 3 chapters a day so I'm pretty happy with that!

Monday 8 January 2018

Only 6 chapters today

Up to chapter 50 of 68 now so hopefully it'll be totally finished by the end of the week... not bad going for less than 2 weeks since I started!!

49 down, 19 to go!

👌 👍

Sunday 7 January 2018

Back down to my 7 chapters again today

Just finished my 7th chapter of the day.  I could, in theory, write another one, but it's 8pm so I want an early night for the first time since the 1st.

Saturday 6 January 2018

New personal best today!

My previous personal best was 8 chapters in a day.

I managed 9 chapters today!!!

I even stopped writing to have me lunch today too, so I'm well happy and proud of myself tonight!

I think that calls for 2 J2O's!  lol

6, 750 words in about 10 hours which is so totally awesome!

Target tomorrow:  8 chapters.

Hit the half way point in the entire MS after only 6 days, so, in theory, I'll be finished by next weekend which'll be another personal best!

How awesome is that!

Friday 5 January 2018

Another 7 chapters today

It's caffeine that I need, not heat 'cos I wrote one chapter after lunch (a mugshot) but another mug of coffee and I was good to go all afternoon and evening!

I'll be able to write from the moment I wake up and come home from walking the pup tomorrow 'cos The Bill isn't on at the weekend, so I just need to listen to the music and start writing!

Thursday 4 January 2018

7 chapters today!

I thought yesterday's 6 chapters was good going, but I've only had one coffee and one drinking chocolate today, as well as shutting down for an hour to have me lunch but still managed to write 7 chapters which is so totally awesome!

Going for a wee then grabbing a celebratory J2O now then heading to bed in the hope that tomorrow is another productive day.

If I manage 8 chapters tomorrow I'm gonna have 2 J2O's!  lol

Wednesday 3 January 2018

A huge 6 chapters written today!

I've written a huge 6 chapters today which is so totally awesome.

I also worked out that it's the heat of hot chocolate that inspired me instead of it being chocolate 'cos I've had 2 coffee's, 1 mug of soup and 1 drinking chocolate and I only had the chocolate while I was writing the 6th chapter!

The first coffee woke me up after a late night, the second woke my muse up, the soup warmed me up which kept me going all afternoon which meant that I wrote 4 chapters in 7 hours then the 6th chapter with the drinking chocolate.

Gonna have a really early night tonight and hopefully be able to have another productive day tomorrow too.

Already celebrated with my J2O so I've stopped writing for the day now, but I'm gonna take me pills, check my emails then head to bed!

Tuesday 2 January 2018

4 chapters written for JanNo, so...

Just written my 4th chapter of the day for JanNoWriMo so I've treated myself to the first J2O of the month... bet I won't wake up until lunchtime tomorrow now though!  lol

Nite orl!