Wednesday 3 January 2018

A huge 6 chapters written today!

I've written a huge 6 chapters today which is so totally awesome.

I also worked out that it's the heat of hot chocolate that inspired me instead of it being chocolate 'cos I've had 2 coffee's, 1 mug of soup and 1 drinking chocolate and I only had the chocolate while I was writing the 6th chapter!

The first coffee woke me up after a late night, the second woke my muse up, the soup warmed me up which kept me going all afternoon which meant that I wrote 4 chapters in 7 hours then the 6th chapter with the drinking chocolate.

Gonna have a really early night tonight and hopefully be able to have another productive day tomorrow too.

Already celebrated with my J2O so I've stopped writing for the day now, but I'm gonna take me pills, check my emails then head to bed!

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