Wednesday 17 March 2010

Fostering children in the UK

Guess who! lol

Can anyone give me a brief idea of how fostering children in the UK works please??

Thursday 11 March 2010

Mystery and surprise ideas please!!

Me again!

Someone suggested that I encourage children to read my book (when it's published) by including mystery and surprise in the story but I haven't got a clue about the sorts of things I should write about to get the child reader's attention and them wanting to keep reading and stuff. If you've got any ideas (or if you know of a 9 - 11 year old you can ask) then I'd love to hear from you!! My email address is and put something in the subject line that will make me realise it's an idea for the book that I should read and not a group message or spam please?

Thank you!

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Love is...

... a wonderful thing ain't it!! :-)

Tuesday 2 March 2010

My letter about keeping a diary/journal


Amanda here!

OK, so why is it important to keep a journal? Well, as you know, I've got a terrible memory so it helps me to remember days gone by, what I did back then and how I felt about it at the time!

I reckon it also helps you to remember things and it's a very personal thing. You can get lockable diaries which is what I used for many years then discovered online blogs and that has become my journal now!

Getting things out of your head and written down can help you relax at night and drift off to sleep. It doesn't have to be long or detailed, it just has to come out so that you can use the head-space you've just cleared for something else! hahaha

Go on, get a diary and give it a go for a few months... just be careful you don't get addicted!! lol


This month's prompt number 1 for March was to write about renewal, so here goes!

When I wrote books as a child I was constantly renewing chapters and characters and I don't think any of the books I wrote ever got beyond the fifth chapter without me changing this or that!

What I've decided to do with this book is to finish writing it then go through it and renewing it and changing things! lol

Prompt number 2 was to imagine I am a muse and write about prompting someone to write and how I would do it which I'm finding really difficult to find the words to describe it! I've got this image in my head of what I would say and do but I can't find the words!! March has only just started so I've got just under a month to work it out... I just hope I remember to do it!!

The third prompt was to write a letter to someone encouraging them to keep a diary/journal and the positives about doing it... I'll do that in a separate post as it could get long!! lol