Friday 23 March 2018

94% on the final quiz!

Not bad going I don't reckon!  I scored 17 out of 18 without looking back for any of the answers this time, so I'm feeling really proud of myself!

93% on week 7!

Just done week 7's quiz and scored 14 out of 15 which is 93%!


Thursday 22 March 2018

90% on week 2 as well!

Had to have a second try on two of the quiz questions which took 5% off each, but getting on well with my scores so far today!

90% on week 1's quiz

Just finished week 1 of the characters and stories course on OpenLearn with a score of 90% and the only reason it wasn't 100% was 'cos I only chose one answer instead of two for one of the questions and I answered all the questions without going back to the course too, which is even better!

Help file content ideas please!

The only link that isn't a link on the S4C site atm is the help link.

Apparently not many people look at them which is fine and dandy, but I'd like to put a basic one on the site but don't know what information you want/need in it!

I'm gonna put:

  • Contact Amanda
  • About Amanda
  • Tutorial about filling in application form
  • Tutorial on downloading and installing software

in it, but what else do you want me to put in it please?

Leave me a reply to this post so that I can keep track of what to put in there?  Please?

Wednesday 21 March 2018

And it's sorted! At last!

Steve's just talked me through how to administrate the database he's set up and he's programmed the login form bit now too, so other than the 'help' link thingie that I still need to work on, the whole site is live and kicking and ready to go now!


Means I can concentrate on my studies without pestering him now!

I've asked him to do another piece of software for me that'll only be available to members, so get signed up so that you don't miss out on all the benefits of being a member!

Start writing fiction course on OpenLearn

Just finished the first introductory creative writing course but it was more like a literature course than a creative writing course unfortunately.

It would have been OK if I had been writing novels for adults instead of children 'cos it was about the variety of different genres and reading extracts from grown-up novels without even mentioning Young Adult novels, let alone books for even younger than that unfortunately.

I'm hoping that there will be something more specific to children in level 2... all I got out of it was an idea for another piece of software for the members area, literally nothing else.

If you're interested in the techniques and genre's in grown up fiction, give it a look, but if you're after something that even mentions children's books, look elsewhere... sorry.


Monday 5 March 2018

Opinions please!

I'm thinking of adding a brag book to the Stories site... should I though?  If I should, would you prefer it to be on the main site only, the members area only or both?

If you think I should add it, should I make it a page that I code and upload or would you prefer a blog that I moderate before the brag appears in it?

Sunday 4 March 2018

The navigation bars are sorted now, so...

Steve's just helped with getting the members only navigation bar to show up in the members area now, so as soon as the login whatsit thing is sorted, I'll be able to do a tutorial for becoming a member then that's it!

Just need to find other things to put in the members area now!  Anyone got any ideas please?  There's a forum and my Twitter timeline dooberry in there already but I don't know what else you want!

Saturday 3 March 2018

It's taken all evening, but...

I've been going 'round in circles all evening, trying to get the navigation bar to show up in the members area and neither me or 'im could work out why it wasn't showing up...

Until I removed the commenting from the code, uploaded it et voila!



Changed the title of the blog now... tried to change the URL too, but something went wrong so changed it back to the original, but I'm happy with that now!  Just waiting for the database login thingy to appear, then I'll work on advertising the site and getting the members area sorted!

It works!

Just need to change the title of the blog and it's description now!

Testing, testing

I'm hoping you're reading this from within the Stories for Children site... I've worked out how to put this blog within the site now so I'm just testing how it works is all  😐