Thursday 31 December 2020

No news today, soooo...

...I've done some housework on the appropriate page in the members area and got ready for when I've finished JanNo.  Let me be the first to wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope 2021 gives you everything you need.

Wednesday 30 December 2020

News for 30th December 2020

There's loads of news today!

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30th December 2020

Hundreds of books donated to 'spread joy' to children during pandemic
HCG to uncover northern picture book talent with Commonword
Debut novel by girl, 9, is one for the record books
Can a gender-balanced children’s book be popular? — Yes, this question sadly still has to be asked in 2021 - Amanda's comment: When I'm eventually traditionally published, hopefully my books will go a little way towards helping to redress this balance a bit, 'cos the vast majority of my books have female MC's. It'd be interesting to know how many books had a disabled MC too... especially one with a hidden disability
Writing contest at Waukegan Public Library challenges kids to get creative - Amanda's comment: What a great idea by that library! They are encouraging children's muses to wake up and start writing books to help the children to cope with the bizarre times they are living in!
Deeside writer and illustrator duo publish new children’s book on the importance of bees
Upper Arlington fourth-grader pens children's book about pediatric cancer for older brother
Too good to give back? Books worth thousands stuck on readers’ shelves after pandemic library shut down
Pupils to publish children stories in new magazine
Sweet dreams guaranteed: Here are some of the best children’s books of 2020

Sunday 27 December 2020

News for 27th December 2020

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There wasn't any news that I found interesting anywhere online yesterday so we all had a second day off to recover from the festivities. Definitely back to normal for a few more days, then it's JanNoWriMo but I'll be back as soon as that's over with for the year, then I'll be able to put news up most days for the rest of the year until NaNoWriMo again... assuming there's interesting stuff every day of course! lol 

Onto today's news now though: 

Terry Waite pens children's book Tommy Twitchnose
Alliston grandmother — with big imagination — pens children's book
Balderton Methodist Church fills Christmas goodie bags supporting Newark-based Emmaus Trust
FRANK'S FIGHT Frank Bruno hopes to help youngsters defeat mental health issues by writing series of children’s books
Liam immersed himself in writing ‘Submerged’

Saturday 26 December 2020

Typical, innit

After we all had the day off yesterday, there's nothing new or interesting in the world of children's books at all today, so we all get the day off again... hopefully there will be something tomorrow though❗

Friday 25 December 2020

Merry Christmas (if you celebrate it)!!

Got a small gift for my members on the first page of the members section.

I hope you all enjoy a safe, happy and healthy day today!

Thursday 24 December 2020

Book Review: "Scooper and Dumper" by Lindsay Ward

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

It's a good book, just doesn't meet the industry standard for picture books, so I'm guessing it was self-published. 


The illustrations are adorable and the reason I'm not knocking off a second star.


3 year olds also have a much smaller understanding of the English language than 7 year olds... I'm thinking that it was given such a huge age range is that the illustrations are suitable for the younger aged listener and some of the words stretch the 7 year olds. I'm qualified to work with children as well as writing for them, so I know what I'm on about ;-)


Overall a good book, just could have done with the input of crit group and editor of children's picture books before being published is all.

News on Christmas Eve 2020

There won't be any news tomorrow to give everyone a day off, but hopefully back again on Boxing Day (26th December) for a few days, then there won't be any news at the start of January because of JanNo but as soon as that's finished, it'll be back to the daily news again!  Amanda hopes you all have the best Christmas possible and she'll see you all again at the weekend.  Look after each other and stay safe.

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HarperCollins Children's Books takes two from Skinner
Banburyshire couple's children's Christmas book reaches top spot on the Amazon chart
Everything With Words acquires new series from Lambert
Inside the mind, life, and friendships that created ‘Harriet the Spy’ | Book review
Building firms donate books to schools
This children’s library in Hyderabad almost closed down during the pandemic. What revived it?
How a year of publishing protests rocked the industry


Amanda hopes you have a good, safe and healthy Christmas and she'll start sending more news again at the weekend.

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It's 18 months later than I thought, but it's there now and available for my members as soon as they've paid the £2 to access it and I've emailed them with the details to log in with!

Merry Christmas and thank you for your patience and support with it!

Wednesday 23 December 2020


...the new members only webpage is sorted now and just needs to be uploaded and tested then I can put it in the shop for my members to buy access to.  Now would be a good time to become a member so that you can access this page and numerous other member exclusives.


This new page will help you with planning your writing and getting to know your characters before you start writing as well as when you're actually in the throes of your manuscript writing.


Today's news - 23rd December 2020

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Cripes! Enid Blyton has gone digital - is there no escape from the Famous Five?
This classic has been named the nation's most-loved children's book
INTERVIEW: Award-Winning Children’s Author, Stephanie Sorkin, Talks About Her 4th Book "Am I A Unicorn?" And The Lesson She Hopes To Share With Children
After 60 years, children’s book by historic Black author Ruth Cobb Brice is here
Magic Trick: Art, Reality, and Books To Treasure
A Roundup of 2020's Best Book Lists for Children and Teens
Aberdeenshire children to receive colourful books
16 Books About Rosa Parks to Add to Your Child's Bookshelf
Poppy's posthumous children's book raises £3,000 for charities
Richard Osman becomes first debut author to land Christmas No 1 -
Battersea Power Station donates £30,000 worth of books, toy and vouchers to local schools
Picture Books Help Introduce Truth and Empathy to Children