Sunday, 27 December 2020

News for 27th December 2020

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There wasn't any news that I found interesting anywhere online yesterday so we all had a second day off to recover from the festivities. Definitely back to normal for a few more days, then it's JanNoWriMo but I'll be back as soon as that's over with for the year, then I'll be able to put news up most days for the rest of the year until NaNoWriMo again... assuming there's interesting stuff every day of course! lol 

Onto today's news now though: 

Terry Waite pens children's book Tommy Twitchnose
Alliston grandmother — with big imagination — pens children's book
Balderton Methodist Church fills Christmas goodie bags supporting Newark-based Emmaus Trust
FRANK'S FIGHT Frank Bruno hopes to help youngsters defeat mental health issues by writing series of children’s books
Liam immersed himself in writing ‘Submerged’

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