Wednesday 20 September 2017

And that's it finished now.

Just finished planning out the last chapter of my NaNo novel, ready for November, so I'm going to treat myself to a bottle of J2O then have a long, hot, bubble bath as a reward for planning out 30 chapters in 3 days.

Half way towards the end of today's planning

Five down, five to go now.

One down, nine to go

Need to try and tie up loose ends today, but my memory is shot to pieces 😐

Tuesday 19 September 2017

Ten chapters done and dusted now!

That's 20 chapter in about 11 hours, including lunch today, walking the pup, and loads of bathroom breaks, which ain't bad going I don't reckon!

Ten left to plan tomorrow then that's it until NaNo this year!

That's the nineth chapter of the day sorted

Planning out the tenth chapter of the day now then having a well-deserved bottle of J2O.

Eighth chapter done and dusted

Charlotte has just got her phone put together and is about to top it up for the first time.

Seven down, three to go

Charlotte's name has now been shortened and she's got the phone in her hands now.

Six done now

Charlotte's parents have just promised to get her a mobile with conditions attached, just like her friends have conditions on their phones too.

Five chapters now

Halfway again.

Any other chapters between now and bedtime is a bonus, but it's gotta be ten chapters again before I'm allowed a J2O.

Four chapters planned

Looking good for getting to ten again by bed time now that I'm back in my planning zone again.

Three chapters now

Just planned out my third chapter of the day, so I'm on track for hopefully doing another ten today... we'll have to see how it goes though  👍

Chapter 50 planned now

Second chapter of the day sorted now.

Gonna put me laptop on the floor while I have me lunch then carry on planning this afternoon.

One chapter planned out so far

Hoping for another ten chapters today so that I can have another J2O before I go to bed, but I'm not going to pressure myself... if I get five planned out I'll be happy  👌

Monday 18 September 2017


I've planned out 10 chapters in under 3 hours!

I can now have a very well deserved sparkly J20!

I didn't plan a single word until 2.30pm but it's been an almost constant flow of inspiration since then!

I definitely deserve the J2O now... I deserve 2.5 bottles of it but I want to save some for my last 20 chapters.

I did it though, there were a few iffy moments but I did it this afternoon so I know it's possible now!

It'll be tough to keep up with 10 chapters every day now though!  lol

9 planned out!!

Just one more chapter to plan out and I've done 10 chapters in 3 hours!

I can so do this!!


8 chapters planned out now

Only two chapters to go before I reach total awesomeness and a very well deserved J2O.

Considering I hadn't even started until 2.30pm today that's even better!

7 chapters planned

I've totally smashed my aim of 4 chapters and I'm in the planning zone now so I'm just gonna keep planning until bed time!

6 chapters now

In just over 4 hours I've planned out 6 chapters which is great going considering it took me almost 45 minutes to plan out the first one!

5 chapters planned out now

Not bad going for almost 4 hours!

4 chapters done and dusted

Just finished planning out the fourth chapter of the day so I'm happy now.

Hoping to double it by bed time, but if I don't that's totally OK... I've earned my bottle of J2O now so anything else is a welcome bonus!

3 chapters planned out today

Just one more chapter to plan then I can have me J2O!  Yay!

2 chapters planned out

Was tough to get started, but Take That blasting into my ears and a drinking chocolate has inspired me to plan 2 chapters.  Only 2 to go before I'm allowed a J2O!

Sunday 17 September 2017

Four chapters now

Chapter 38 sorted now, so I've only got to plan out another 30 chapters then it's all sorted ready for NaNo on 1st November.

Three chapters planned out now

Pretty good going I reckon!

2 chapters done and dusted already

Saturday 16 September 2017

I'm now half way through, so...

Just planned out chapter 34 so I'm now half way through planning the novel so I'm gonna take me pills and head to bed for another early night.

Nite nite orl!

2 chapters done and dusted

Just planned out another chapter.

Aiming to get to chapter 34 today so that it's half planned out ready for NaNo.

One chapter planned out so far

Our internet connection keeps dropping today, so I'm using the opportunity to plan out more of my next MG novel!

Thursday 7 September 2017

Only planned out one chapter today

Only planned out chapter 29 today but I'm cream crackered so I'm going to take my prescription and head to bed for a really early night.

Nite orl!

Wednesday 6 September 2017

28 chapters planned out now

Planned out up to and including chapter 28 and my prescriptions are kicking in now, so I'm off to bed.

Nite nite orl!

Up to chapter 26 planned out now

Gonna do another couple of chapters tonight then head to bed for an early night.

Was hoping to be half way through by the end of today but I'm happy with the 4 I've done this afternoon instead.

Just under a third planned out now

Just planned out chapter 22 of 67 so it's just under a third sorted now.  Hoping to get the second third sorted out by the weekend.  Monday is a busy day 'cos first we are getting our hair cut in the morning then the shopping is coming in the evening but Tuesday and Wednesday are free, so I'm hoping to have the last third done by the middle of next week then that's it planned out and I'll start writing an ECB or Easy Reader or Early Reader or maybe start editing or something by the weekend after.

Wish me luck!  lol

Tuesday 5 September 2017

Got 67 chapters to write instead of 40 lol

Just done some adding up and I've got to plan out and write 67 chapters to get to 50k instead of the 40 I thought an hour ago!  lol

Not to worry, Kris and Paige can grow their hair several times and get chewing gum stuck in their hair too.  Means I don't have to rush through each chapter - I can spend time describing the situation in more detail  👍

Half way through planning now

Just planned out chapter 20 and worked out that there will be 40 chapters at 750 words per chapter and 250 words per scene which takes it up to 30k words.  Just need to plan out another 20k words to make it up to the 50k for NaNo then that's it done and dusted for another year.

Monday 4 September 2017

I've decided that the MG novel I'm currently planning out...

Been planning my next MG novel for a couple of weeks and I've decided that I'm gonna write it for NaNo and work on ECB's, Early Readers, Easy Readers and PBs after I've finished planning it out.

Means that I don't put myself under pressure to plan and write it in 6 weeks and I can let ideas form and mature between now and November.

Need to work out what else to write for the other MSs that I write between now and November now though!  lol