Saturday 23 June 2018

Writing for children doesn't make you rich overnight

Thursday 21 June 2018

Get those MSs ready for July, peeps!

There's a new, small publisher that has got an open submission month in July.

I emailed them to see if they accepted Early Readers and Easy Readers 'cos it doesn't say anything on the site about it and the Director herself replied to me at lunchtime saying that they are looking to expand to all books for young people so get those manuscripts polished over the next few days ready to send to them to March Hamilton during the appropriate time in July... let's show them that we want to grow with them and that there are loads of us budding authors who want to grow as they do!

The details and email address are all on the site that I've linked to up there ^^ so get ready to hopefully become a children's author with a new publisher who seem to be as passionate as we all are!

There are 3 windows of opportunity during July then they are having a couple of weeks to catch their breaths from being inundated then they are back to being open to everyone starting 13th August to 30th September.

Go for it everyone!!

Saturday 16 June 2018


For all you writers out there, download and install yWriter - it's totally free and I couldn't be without it now!

I found out about it on the last day of my very first NaNo and haven't looked back since!

It's the second writing programme I install when I've got a new computer (Word is first and the ideas programme will be third next time I need to reinstall anything like if it's a new computer or there's some kind of Windows update that goes wrong or whatever) - I just couldn't be without it now!

It's totally free, no ads and no nag screens or annoying pop-ups or whatever.  It's all stored on your machine and doesn't need an internet connection so there's nothing not to love!

If you like it as much as I do, consider registering it and paying a totally optional license fee?  You don't get anything else and it's totally optional, but it encourages the programmer to keep at it and come up with more ideas for the next version. 

I've thanked him twice and register each version I install but that's totally optional, I like to think that that extra $9 (or whatever you choose to pay) and the little message he gets to say someone has registered the software makes his heart smile, even a little bit which keeps him motivated to keep creating which keeps me motivated to keep planning, which keeps me motivated to keep writing that best seller!

Give it a go... it's simple to use and a must-have for any writer!

Wednesday 13 June 2018

Grammar question

Grammar question: Full stop or comma between the "bed for a bit" and "the sand and sea" in this paragraph please?

“It’s not even quarter past six yet, Little Man! Close the curtains and jump back into bed for a bit, the sand and sea will still be there in a couple of hours” said Dad.

I wrote it in TheoTed yesterday afternoon and it's nagging me to get it sorted before I write anything else lol

Tuesday 12 June 2018

TheoTed finished now too

4,002 words written in about 10 hours ain't too bad, considering it was tough to get started first thing!

Got 4 manuscripts to edit now that have all been written in 2018 so I'm still too close to them to be as critical as I need to be, so maybe another Early Reader or even a MG novel started tomorrow... got 2 of 'em planned out and they are both fantasy and I doubt I'll be in the mood for NaNo this year 'cos of my ESA being reassessed so I'll be stressed to the max so I'll do Thraag for a while and save the Year 3000 for JanNo.

Titch has been written now

Just put the final full stop in the manuscript so I'm now going to crack open the bottle of Appletizer to celebrate.

Titch the Great Dane puppy

Gonna write an Early Reader today, but, as always, I'm struggling with the main character's name!

Steve suggested Titch who is a Great Dane puppy so I'm going with that just to get it written but I'm after your feedback, dear reader!

What do you reckon I should call the main character??

Sunday 10 June 2018

Teddy bears

Hello everyone

Been a few weeks since my last blog post and I'm asking for your help with a new MS I'm planning.

I write for all ages other than board books and grown-up novels and I'm thinking of writing one with a teddy bear as the main character.

When I first came up with the idea, I thought PBs (0-5 year olds) were the way to go with it but now I'm wondering about maybe an early (5 years old) or easy reader (6-8 year olds) so that I can really show the teddy's personality a bit more but I don't know which one to go with... what do you reckon I should write please?

Leave me a comment on this post to let me know?