Thursday, 21 June 2018

Get those MSs ready for July, peeps!

There's a new, small publisher that has got an open submission month in July.

I emailed them to see if they accepted Early Readers and Easy Readers 'cos it doesn't say anything on the site about it and the Director herself replied to me at lunchtime saying that they are looking to expand to all books for young people so get those manuscripts polished over the next few days ready to send to them to March Hamilton during the appropriate time in July... let's show them that we want to grow with them and that there are loads of us budding authors who want to grow as they do!

The details and email address are all on the site that I've linked to up there ^^ so get ready to hopefully become a children's author with a new publisher who seem to be as passionate as we all are!

There are 3 windows of opportunity during July then they are having a couple of weeks to catch their breaths from being inundated then they are back to being open to everyone starting 13th August to 30th September.

Go for it everyone!!

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