Thursday 25 January 2018

It's official... I'm a dumb arse!

I was trying to work out how many days it would take me to finish my 100k in 3 months challenge that I'm setting myself this year.

I spent hour after hour trying to work out how many words I had to write a day and none of the numbers seemed anywhere near long enough... I'd be finished in 6 weeks instead of 12, tops.

If we say that a month is 30 days long, for the ease of calculation and so that I don't go even more doolally with it.

30 days × 3 months = 90 days, yeah?  Right so far?

50 chapters × 2k words in each chapter = 100k which is my target, yeah?  Still with me?

So 1 chapter a day is 50 days of daily writing to reach my 100k target yeah?

So the number I was looking for yesterday was 50 days at 1 chapter a day or 25 days at 2 chapters a day!

My dunceness was that I was working around 3 chapters a day instead of 1, which *would* be 17 days!  Wouldn't it??  I'm not sure again now!  lol

I give up with any kind of maths and I hope you can see why now!  lol

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