Friday, 2 February 2018

Survey's on my stories site...

I'm pondering on putting up survey's on my stories for children site and just want some feedback about what I should/shouldn't ask and where to put the survey's and stuff.

I will never ask for your name on any of the surveys or your age or anything like that.  The most identifiable info I'll ask is if you're a member of the site or not.

I've got a few questions popping up for the members area, but do I restrict the surveys to members only or do I open the surveys to the public area too?

What sort of questions do I ask on the public site and what do I restrict to the members only area?

It'll only be me that sees the survey questions unless there's a legal requirement to release the information I hold to the police or whatever but considering I won't have any of the respondent's names or ages or genders, so I don't know how I would know who had said what.

Do you want me to provide surveys asking for details of non writerly stuff too, or should I not be so nosey?

Would you want information about courses and books and things like that or not?  How about links to places I'm a member of and ways that you can get free books in exchange for a review?

Melanie has already reviewed a few books on the public site... would you want more reviews in the members area?  Links to other books for children that you can get on Amazon?

I'm totally opening this up to you... I want your ideas of things you want to see on the site and non-identifying information you would be willing to give on surveys.  What about affiliate links and stuff so that I can get a few pennies for things I've recommended?  Should I be honest about the money I'll be getting or should I just link to the things?

Come on, peeps!  I genuinely want your thoughts on how I can improve the site!!  I'd prefer you to reply to this message but you don't have to give me your name if you don't want to... just your initials are fine!

What do you want to see on the public site?  What's missing online?  What sort of thing should I put in the members area?

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