Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Just worked out that...

I know it's taken me forever to realise this, but every 5k I write of an upper MG or lower YA novels is 10% of the entire manuscript!

I'm at almost 41k in my current WIP atm so I'm over 80% of the way through it!!

Had an incredibly unproductive writing day yesterday 'cos I only managed 3 chapters so that's about 5% of the entire MS that I wrote in an unproductive day and I'm on my 3rd chapter of the day atm so that's another 5% which means I've done 10% in 2 days and I've got less than 20% of it still left to write!

My MC is about to get his school uniform then it's just tieing up lose ends in the last few chapters and Jools' first day at CornerRidge!

Bit behind what I was hoping for, but I'll still be finished in under 2 weeks even if I write 3 chapters a day so I'm pretty happy with that!

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