Tuesday 20 April 2021

Not too bad at all!

Mornin' all.


After I did the news yesterday morning, my muse cracked me over the head with an idea so I spent the rest of the morning until just after lunch planning it out, then I started writing it.


Managed three chapters before I hit the hay last night and already another two chapters this morning, so I've only got three left to write today, before it's finished and I'll have written three non-PB manuscripts and a biography about Mitzi already this year which is pretty good going I reckon.

We've got someone coming over in under an hour so I've stopped writing for now, but as soon as this person has gone, I'll have my lunch (jacket tatty, grated cheese and baked beans <drool>) then hopefully knock out the three remaining chapters, then celebrate with a "posh" (cafetierre) coffee and an early night, I reckon!

Not bad going for two days worth of creativity!

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