Wednesday 21 April 2021

That's my next ECB planned out, sooo...

...I'm gonna give myself the rest of the day off, then start writing again as soon as I come down here tomorrow morning.  Hopefully I'll get the first draft finished by the weekend, then that's two ECB manuscripts written in 5 days and I can maybe start next week with editing the MG manuscript that I wrote at the start of April, 'cos I've already forgotten what it was about, thanks to my brain damage!

Hopefully there will be three new MS' finished and edited before the end of May, when I go for my second Covid-19 jab which, if it's anything like the first one, will make me feel incredibly ill for 10 days and I won't feel up to eating anything for the first three days which'll totally zap me of energy and the furthest I'll move will be to the bathroom.

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