Friday 9 April 2021

After exactly 7 days...

...I'm exactly half way through my WIP❗  Yaaaay❗

To celebrate, we are having a cafetierre of coffee and the tub is totally finished now too, so the coffee will either be just right or too strong 🤣

I'd like to get at least one more chapter written before I take my pills and hopefully another one (my fifth of the day) before I hit the sack for the night.  If things keep on at this speed, my first draft will be finished on Tuesday ('cos I've got a medical appointment on Monday morning and groceries being delivered in the afternoon) as long as I keep writing 5 chapters a day, but it'll be finished by Wednesday if I can only write 3 a day 'cos I'll be able to sneak them in around the other things on Monday, instead of being totally focussed on writing and everything else coming around that.

I can sooo do this❗


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