Saturday 12 November 2016

80% done now

Written 5 chapters in 5k words today. The most I've ever written for anything in 1 day.

Exactly 40k words written since about 8am on 1st November and it's now 5pm on 12th so that's pretty good going, considering I had a few days of only managing to write 2k a day so managing more than double that in one day is pretty impressive I reckon!

Going to have the celebratory J2O I promised myself this morning, then I'm taking me pills and catching up on emails and forums ready for another write-athon tomorrow.  Prolly not as write-athonish as today but I've only got another 10k to write, so I'm aiming to write 2k a day for 5 days starting tomorrow, having Monday off because I'm getting my hair cut and the shopping is coming and I'll write the 50,000th word on Friday.

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