Sunday 6 November 2016

Written 3,999 words today

I'm at exactly 22k words now, which is pretty impressive considering I only started writing it six days ago!

Tomorrow will be exactly one week and I'll be half way through the NaNo word count!

NaNo is now saying I'll be finished on 14th which ain't bag going for a month long challenge!  lol

I've more than doubled the word count of what the NaNo site suggests - the graph shows 10k and I've done 22k as of now!

50k words in exactly two weeks is pretty good going, considering I didn't win my very first NaNo... I was about 2k words short by midnight on the last day but that's because I was struck with writer's block and didn't plan it but I've won every time I've done it since then, thanks to yWriter!

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