Tuesday 1 November 2016

Just over 4k words written in 8 hours

Today is the start of NaNo and I've already written the first 4k words in almost 8 hours so it was easier than I was expecting.

I'm having my hair cut on 14th November morning so will only be able to write a couple of thousand words when I get home from that and I'm hoping to meet up with C before the end of NaNo so will only be able to write another 2k then but I'm on track to finish before 20th November which will give me 10 days to get out of David's head and back into my own ready for the end of November.

Waiting for my email to back up, then I can turn off the laptop and have a cooked tea hopefully.  I've stopped writing for the day now, so it's just the backing up and checking my email until tomorrow when I'll check my email again and set the last bit of backing up going while I write the next 4k words to make me 2 days ahead of schedule so I can have the hair cutting and meeting up with C totally off from writing.

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