Thursday 27 October 2016

Just asked my usual word count question on SCBWI

Just before I start writing a new MS, I usually ask how many words to aim for in it.

A little while ago I asked and someone pointed me to this site that had them all written down for me.

Silly me forgot where I saved the URL to so I asked on SCBWI if anyone could point me in the right direction and one of the members there pointed me to wordcount-dracular page which I looked at and I now know that 'Kiss your cares away' (my NaNo novel) will be 50k words long and 1k words per chapter.

That being said, it means that I have to write 2 chapters a day at the very least, but I'm hoping to write 4 chapters as often as I can during November, then I'll have December off and write 'Don't bother' in January 2017 and take it from there!

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