Sunday, 16 October 2016

Don't read if there are small eyes close to you

I'll just be ranting so there will probably be a lot of swearing in this, so if you've got small eyes reading this, close it down until they are out of the room.

I could have sworn I wrote a novel and finished it at the end of September.

I even kept a daily word count on this blog.

Just tried to find it and it's vanished!

It's not on my laptop.

It's not on One Drive.

It's not in the recycle bin and it's not on my external hard drive either!

Means that I'll have to write the whole damn thing again after NaNo!

I've had enough of this happening to me - it's not the first fucking time and it prolly won't be the last but it takes the piss!

Don't suppose any of you have a copy of "Because I said so" that I emailed to you at some point do you?  I know it's a very long shot, but I'm willing to try and get even a small amount of it back right now!

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