Saturday, 3 April 2010

I am a pain in the butt

This months prompt has pretty much got me running for the hills!! lol It is to come up with 3 labels for yourself and write so that the followers can get to know that bit of you too. Thing is though, I do my best not to label myself or others as I feel that can be prejudiced or something!

So there you go! Sorry!


  1. Yes, Amanda, labels can present a "profiling" issue at times. And yes, the prompt appears to be an "about me" writing. Although, "I am..." can be looked at individually from each writer's point of view and realm of creativity. For instance, if you'll read Karen's response to the prompt, you'll see her very own writing style shine through and that truly tells us much about Karen..:-)

  2. Amanda, I'm not able to label me either. I don't want to sound conceited however, there are many ways to write about "I am...". I think you would do a wonderful job with this prompt. It's mainly about your writing technique than anything. Give it a go. I know you can do it. After all you are writing a book and that takes lots of ambition and courage.

  3. Hey, that could be my label, "Pain in the butt!" I still haven't done this prompt, I hope to try it tonight.