Wednesday 3 August 2016

Agent Hunter's site: A review

Just had a bit of a play around with the Agent Hunter site and I'd give it 4 stars out of 5.

It lost the last star because you can't search just for one genre or age of target readers like you can in the agents bit.

There are a total of 7 pages of agencies and there are more than 100 agents along with 14 pages of publishers so that's a lot to go through if you can't search for what you want!

It's obviously a new site so hopefully it'll become more user/search friendly soon.

I don't get why there is a £100 difference between the gold and platinum levels of membership though.  I know that the platinum gives you a total review of your submission package, but is it really worth £127 more from such a new site?

I know you may think you need it and it's a worthwhile opportunity, but I wouldn't pay £127 just for that... sorry! 

If the company slashed the platinum price to £50 instead of £145 then I reckon they would get more customers for that!

Also, is the professional editor willing to look over the submission package after you've taken their advice on board?  Maybe they could price the current platinum package at £50 and offer a platinum plus package where the editor will look over the edited package at £25 each time they look over it for you until you're happy with your new package and ready to send it off.

It's a great start, they just need to polish it up a bit more is all.

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