Friday, 23 December 2016

Review of "The Moon Laughed at Me" by Katie Woolhouse

I know Katie from SCBWI and couldn't wait to get my hands on her book when I found out it was published and ready to be bought!

This is a cute little picture book about the main character, Izzy, going to the park and playing with her friends.

The first couple of pages are confusing for me though... at first I thought Izzy was a little girl, then a cat then back to a little girl again and there are a few inconsistencies with SpaG that kinda distracted me from the story... sorry, Katie!

If you've got a young child who seems to have never-ending energy then get this book 'cos that describes Izzy (the MC) to a tee!  They even go back to the park in the dark because Izzy can't sleep and wants to go and play with her friends again!

It ends up as Izzy going back home and falling asleep though.

Nite nite Izzy!

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