Friday 24 February 2017

I'm liking Cornerstones even more now, because...

I replied to the free report thing saying that I definitely wanted to go with them, I would just have to wait until I'd saved up enough money.

The same person replied to that email in less than an hour suggesting I looked into getting a grant or bursary from the Arts Council.

I've just set up an account that will take up to 5 working days to validate then I'll have to apply to the Arts Council, but if the application is accepted I'll be able to pay for what Cornerstones suggested in the first email and take it from there!

I can pay them back £10 a week but that's really the total that I can afford right now.  I'm so close to getting an agent though, so I'm willing to pay them back in small chunks if that's OK with them!

Keep me in your thoughts that this goes through for me!

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