Sunday 2 July 2017

Starting now...

I've still got 10 cans of J2O in the kitchen and I'm going to use them as a reward for writing 3 chapters a day in my WIP.

If I don't write 3 chapters then I'm not allowed a can, if I do then I'm allowed 1 can for every 3 chapters I write.  No in between allowances, it's just multiples of 3 that I'm allowed a reward can.

It's achievable 'cos it's 2,250 words a day so I'll be able to write 3 chapters, have a can and then go to bed.

Tomorrow might be tough to achieve that 'cos I'm getting me hair cut in the morning and the shopping is coming in the evening so I'll have to write a chapter an hour to be rewarded tomorrow and there's no way I can write all 3 today, but after that it should hopefully be OK.

Hopefully my current WIP will be finished by the end of July.  Yay!

Wish me luck!

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