Thursday 2 November 2017

On track for finishing my NaNo novel on...

... 10th November even though I'm getting my hair cut on Wednesday morning so won't be able to do the full 7 chapters that day, but as long as I write at least 2 chapters on Wednesday I'm still on track for finishing so early.

The way I worked it out was that if I write 7 chapters a day, that's 70 chapters in 10 days.  Take off one chapter that I didn't write yesterday makes it 69 chapters, take off 5 chapters for not spending all day writing on Wednesday makes it 64 chapters but I'm setting off the virus scan tomorrow so will have more writing time because I leave it running all night.  Monday is our grocery delivery day so I'll be able to write more then too, so just gotta find time to write an extra 4 chapters is all.

If we get home by lunchtime on Wednesday I'll be able to write the extra 4 chapters as soon as we get home though as well as having extra writing time tomorrow, Saturday and Monday.

An entire MG novel in 10 days is definitely worth celebrating and I've got a big bottle of sparkling J2O in the kitchen that will be my version of Champagne to celebrate putting the final full stop in the novel in less than 2 weeks without putting too much of a halt on my life or having a go at Steve the whole time.

I can so do this!!


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