Monday, 29 April 2019

I was wrong about the software...

My members will be able to do more things online when Steve's finished.  It's not software that he's doing, like I'd thought, but an online thing.

Now would be a good time to become a member 'cos it's only my members who will have access to things like this and you will get better prices for crits and stuff too.

I love having every single visitor to my site, but I've already forked out £3400 for the software and online stuff, without even thinking about the yearly cost of the domain name and hosting.

There will always be things for the visitors to the site, but my members will always be my top priority and they will get access to things that the visitors don't, so it's well worth shelling out your money to join the site, considering it's under a tenner for even the most expensive fee!

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