Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Book Review: "Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School" by Ian Whybrow

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5
This has just arrived and I love it!

Exactly what I wanted for my lil nephew! Dinosaurs and the very first day of school with no friends, which all children are worried about on their first day, especially if they don't have any friends from pre-school!

The main character gets anxious when his bucket of dinosaurs are left outside but he makes an incredibly shy new friend when Harry shows the boy who is shy where the toilets are.  They bond over Harry's dinosaurs riding the boy's digger et voila - a friendship is formed on the very first day!

The children in Harry's class start getting to know each other until one of Harry's dinosaurs lets out a big raaah which sends the classroom into chaos with all the childrens' pictures being blown everywhere.

It's also great that the pronounciations of each dinosaur is right at the front of the book as well as at the back... gets the reader out of a right pickle if they don't fluently know how to pronounce each type - I certainly don't!  lol  It's fun and helps children to start learning how to spell and pronounce new-to-them words without them even realising.

A must-buy for your little one who is about to start school!

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