Thursday 23 April 2020

Book Review: "Super Doll" by Erin Schulz

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

 Oooh!  I've got a novel written in the first person in front of me, it seems!  I'm already inside the main characters head which is great going by the author!  Definitely deserving of the 5 stars each book I review starts out with.  I hope the novel continues like it starts off!  Immediate thoughts are that this is a great book so far... I hope I'm not disappointed in it by the end!

I hope the author has permission to use the Wikipedia brand name in her novel otherwise she could land herself in legal hot water.

Really enjoying this book so far... I'm already at chapter 3 and it still deserves those 5 stars.

The author has used the Oreo brand name too, so I hope she got permission to use it before her book was published!

There have been a few places where Piper has been talking to herself but the author has forgotten the inverted comma's to indicate this... slightly annoying but is that and the brand names enough for me to knock off a star??

There's the brand name problem again... it was going so well, but the brand name usage and not distinguishing the thoughts from the rest of the words is the reason I'm reluctantly knocking off this star, so we're down to 4 stars, but considering there are only 64 pages left to read tomorrow, that's really good going!

First chapter of the day starts off pretty mysteriously...

And another brand name usage!  I seriously hope the author has permission to use them all!

The end of chapter 22 is tense and slightly exciting... WTG!

Oooh!  The end of chapter 27 came out of nowhere... I thought it was Piper throughout the novel!

I really wasn't expecting the ending!!

What an awesome read and a definite must-read for Young Adults and even young-at-heart adults!

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