Monday, 27 July 2020

Do I dare to get hopeful?

I sent out several manuscripts for a writing competition back at the end of April.

I haven't been rejected yet.

I also sent out a submission to an open submission window in May and people have been getting rejected for that over the last week or so.

Not me though.

Dare I get hopeful that I've maybe made it through to the next round❓  That the open submission one will request a full manuscript and that the writing competition will consider me for the anthology❓  That maybe, just maybe, my writing and editing is good enough for serious consideration now, rather than be immediately rejected❓

I've come a loooong way... so do I dare to allow myself to dream of at least getting to the full request again❓❓

Please keep those fingers crossed 🤞 for me that things finally work in my favour.  I'm not gonna publish the names of either the writing competition or the publisher with the open submission window until they are finalised and the sucessful authors have been announced.

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