Monday 3 August 2020

Book Review: "In Power And Knowledge" by Joe Lemaiyan

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

OK, first off, this isn't a novel 'cos it's only got 73 pages and the author says it's for Young Adults, so it's less than a quarter of the length of a fantasy novel, so I'm guessing it was self-published.  It also says that it's Book 1 so I'm thinking it would have been better to put the other books together with this one to make it into a longer piece of fiction instead of multiple shorter novellas.

Just finished chapter 1 and there wasn't a single word of speech throughout it.  If it's the same in chapter 2 then I'll be reluctantly knocking a star off.

Yay, we have a sentence of speech, so the book is keeping its five stars so far!

We're back to no speech again now... it's a very 'telling' and very little 'showing' book unfortunately.  If chapter 4 has such a small amount of speech then the star is still coming off... four stars is better than a single star though  ;-)

Chapter 4 has a small amount of speech, so maybe the author is only putting it in every other chapter for some reason?

Each chapter is incredibly short... usually only a couple of pages long - that's not industry standard for a YA novel either!

There's been a small smattering of speech, but nowhere near enough so the first star is coming off, unfortunately.

Oh!  The book finished just as it was getting going!  It's been a good read, just needs to be a lot longer and with oneheckuva lot more speech - if it had both those things it would have been a well-deserved five stars from me!

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