Monday 8 March 2021

News has re-started for 8th March 2021

Amanda made a mistake with her understanding, which is now sorted out, so the mostly daily news can restart now... yaaay!  

Amanda's newest book was released on Amazon overnight too, so it's a double celebration! You can pick up your eBook and paperback version whenever you want!

Let's get on with the news now though lol:

'It's a moral decision': Dr Seuss books are being 'recalled' not cancelled, expert says
11 lesser-known children’s books that reinforce gender equality
Children’s book of the week: Shades of Scarlet by Anne Fine
Doctor dad who died from brain tumour wrote two books for his young son as a last heartbreaking gift
How a Coventry plasterer became a successful children's author
North Devon author reveals all about new children's book
MKE mom writes children's book to lift up the voice of her autistic daughter

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