Friday 27 August 2021

Can you help me with my research pretty please?

I asked this on Facebook back in December 2019 and I didn't get any replies, so I'm trying again for JanNo22 that I'm hoping to plan out today, before I forget the idea yet again.

This is what I posted back in 2019:

"Hello everyone

I don't suppose any of my Facebook friends are teens with Cerebral Palsy and/or Cystic Fibrosis are they?

My muse has just whacked me round the head with ideas for two YA short stories but I need to pick the brain of a teen who has either Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis or both so that I can get my facts straight before I even start writing them.

The main characters in both of the stories will be 16 years old and studying for their GCSEs and I just want to be sure I'm getting things right is all.

If you or your teen has just done their GCSEs and you/they have either Cystic Fibrosis, Cerebral Palsy or both could you/they do me a huuuuge favour and make up a name then set up an email address at Hotmail or Googlemail or Yahoo or whatever with that name (so that I can maintain their anonymity) so that I can pick your/their brain to make sure I'm getting my facts and emotions straight.

There won't be any intimate questions (unless, like with Endometriosis, it's all part of their illness) and as long as the teen and their parents are happy, I'd prefer the parent to read every email I send and every reply the teen sends to me so that everyone knows that this is genuine research.

If you are happy for that to happen, can you/your teen email me at and give me the basics of how your/their Cystic Fibrosis/Cerebral Palsy/both affects you/them on a day to day basis, how they coped with their GCSEs, if they feel they got enough support while they were studying for the exams and how you/they feel now that they are over and done with pretty please.

If you want to find out more about my writing, my author site is at

Thank you in advance."

If you or anyone you know can help me out, that'd be fantastic, but pretty please set up a free, throw-away email (Gmail has the largest mailbox but Hotmail is groove and cooly too) and use a totally fictional name so that I can protect you and the teen's confidentiality.

I've just had an idea for a couple of chapters within the novel, so could you ask the teen to let me know about their birthday/celebration plans too... if the teens family can't afford to have a party then that's good for the story too as I wanna help the families who can't afford parties and gifts too!

Thank you so much!


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