Saturday 1 July 2023

Only one...

...chapter and therefore reward today, which is disappointing but pretty normal for me 'cos the first day is always spent getting into my writing headspace and it'll be one chapter tomorrow 'cos of being elsewhere for a few hours tomorrow, but next week is clear (other than my carers coming in twice a day) so I'll hopefully be able to make pretty decent progress on it then.  

I'm hoping to be half way through by next weekend, then I won't be able to write much on the Monday 'cos of getting a couple of house repairs done but I'm not putting myself under pressure to get it finished by a certain day, I'm gonna take my time and enjoy the pleasure of writing again.

I've put myself under too much pressure over my writing and I'm using my first Camp to rediscover the enjoyment rather than focussing on getting it finished as soon as I can.  I'm gonna do an early chapter book after I've finished this, then editing then writing... I'm gonna rediscover the enjoyment that initially pulled me to write for children in the first place, rather than competing with everyone to see who can finish first.

This is my rediscovery of enjoyment year.

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