Tuesday 31 October 2023

NaNo starts tomorrow and...

...this time I'm not challenging myself to finish it in the fastest time/faster than the year before - I'm gonna aim to write 5k a day so that I'll be finished on the 10th and I'm gonna have a can of J2O just as I start, which'll be interesting 'cos it could be at 3am if it's like this morning lol  I'm also gonna reward myself with a bottle of J2O for every 5,000 words that I write in a day and also reward myself with a treat-sized chocolate at the end of each chapter.

Lunches will be a mug of instant soup and breakfast will be my only solid meal each day.

I'm gonna relax and enjoy it rather than powering through it then feel lost for the rest of November.

This'll be my first NaNo as a young Yule widow so I hope there won't be too many tears and that I can get through it like I've been forced to with everything else for the last 10 months.

This'll be for you, Steve.

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