Thursday 1 September 2016

Gel pens from Amazon

I got my order of 60 gel pens yesterday and I was concerned by some of the critical reviews but they were under a tenner so as long as most of them worked, I was happy.

I tried them out last night and I loved every single one of them!  The negative reviews obviously didn't understand that ink gets cold and doesn't work, but if you rub them between your hands for a few seconds, the ink flows freely again!

One thing that concerned me was that some of the tops seemed to be stuck in position and wouldn't come off as easily as most of them.

That, if I hadn't been willing to keep trying to get them to work, would have been another reason for a negative review.

Like with the ink though, I just rubbed the pen between my palms for a few seconds et voila.  Again!

It's got a 5 star review from me on Amazon and I'm going to ask what colour to use at any of my own book signings in future too!

If you're an illustrator who prefers ink, then get these pens - I love them!

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