Tuesday 27 September 2016

Review of speech recognition software

Just bought a speech recognition bit of software for £2.89 from the Windows App store and I love it already!

It's called SpeechToText Pro, and with absolutely no training at all, I dictated "Peter Piper picked a pickled pepper.  Blimey!  This is a bit good!" into it and it was all right except the two exclamation marks and it wrote "Has a bit tired" instead of the last bit.  Absolutely no training whatsoever!  Brilliant value for less than £3 and no training at all!

The look is very basic... think MS DOS and you're there!  For under a fiver though, it's a lot better than I was expecting and if you can cope with basic graphics then it's amazing value for money and the best £2.89 I've spent for a very long time!

It's definitely better than any of the more expensive software I've tried and will be using it to write my stories from now on!  With the more expensive software, you're paying for the brand name and the graphics.

Even if you're a millionaire who can afford the expensive software, you still have to spend hours a day training it to your voice.  The programmers of SpeechToText Pro could earn a lot more even raising the price to a tenner and updating the graphics a bit, but they have made a totally awesome programme that's easy to use, very user friendly and amazingly accurate from the very first word you say!

Go on, buy it now and you'll very quickly see what I'm on about!

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